Student Spotlight

Mrs. Christi Hays on who she is, why she chose the Leadership and Ethics program, and why she chose JBU!

“I am a Retired Air Force Veteran, a wife of a wonderful supportive husband who happens to also be a Pastor. I am the mother of three wonderful children ages 8, 14, and the oldest is 19 and attends Harding University. I am also a minister and I volunteer teach at the Dorcas House Women Shelter-Rescue Mission in Little Rock. My husband and I pioneer New Testament Christian Church-Little Rock, and of course I am a graduate student at JBU Little Rock/Online.

I am currently enrolled in the MBA Leadership and Ethics Program.  I said currently because I was really torn between the Counseling and Business Program. I love learning, but I love people even more. My children often tell me that ” I do not know any strangers.”  It’s true, people are my passion. So, I eventually chose business because my husband and I have both attended seminary and I have an undergrad in OM so we have a pretty good foundation but for building an organization, but a non-profit is still a business and strong organizations need strong leaders with the strong values.

That’s why I chose JBU. I did not want to be in a business program that would breach the ethics and standards that we hold which are ultimately biblical. It really does not matter what type of organization you run, everyone must have ethical standards that make up the core of that organization for it to truly be a success. To me, success is an organization that  can say, “I think God, would be pleased.”  So, when I heard about JBU coming to Little Rock, it was a no-brainer! The head, heart, and hands philosophy was the same exact core values that I believe and try to model. So, JBU was the only choice for me. It was the best of both worlds. I had originally thought about Public Administration to stir away from the “sharks” of business, but JBU allows me to learn business ethically! Thanks for coming to Little Rock!”