About Us

From left to right: Pablo Herrera, Ben Pearson, Stacie Burley, Bryan Crandall, and Karen Morales

We are a group of Graduate Students who, in the summer of 2011, were made aware of the issues that faced the city and people of Chajul, Guatemala.

Upon discovering that contaminated water was affecting the community’s health and economy, and that the only thing hindering them from making overall progress was a lack of funding for purification technology, we felt inclined to help.

Today, we are working hard to raise funds in order to implement a water purification system as a micro-enterprise opportunity for the people of Chajul. We are convinced that in providing the tools for a better life, we are providing a form of hope, and a future.

Running the system as a Micro-enterprise will help community buy-in

Our group is diverse in culture, expertise, interests and backgrounds. As current MBA students at John Brown University, we are enjoying putting class theory into practice. While using our education and skill sets, this project is not being completed for a grade or a class, but has been taken on because we saw a need and think it can be addressed.  We believe that in focusing on the issue of contaminated water in Chajul, and providing solutions that target health and the economy, change will occur for not one person, but rather, many. We invite you to join us in our endeavors and get involved through donations, raising awareness, or simply praying for our team and the people of Chajul, Guatemala.


Ben Pearson: Communications and Content Delivery

Pablo Herrera: Design and Marketing

Bryan Crandall: Business Relations

Karen Morales: Language and Cultural Liaison

Stacie Burley: Project Manager

Jacob Little: Copy Editor and Advisor

Team presenting at OU International WaTER Conference, Oklahoma, USA

Karen and Stacie present the project to the elders in Chajul, Guatemala

Team doing research in Chajul, Guatemala

Radio appearance at 101.1 KLRC in Arkansas.

Bryan Crandall - Working for the Peronia Project, Guatemala

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